10 Great Tips to follow for all D2D sales reps

1. Take care of your feet. If sell d2d in dress clothes, invest in a pair of shoes designed for standing and walking with enough arch support to wear all day. If you pitch in a polo shirt and khaki shorts (summertime wear), consider New Balance or Nike running shoes. I buy two pairs of all black Nike shoes and I alternate pairs each day. When you purchase new shoes, wear them on your day off first to make sure they fit right and are comfortable before you test them on an eight-hour workday door-to-door.

2. Always carry 3 black ink pens. I’ve had 2 pens fail in a day, but never three. Nothing worse then asking the customer for a pen!

3. Make a reference sheet to show the neighbors of your sales. When I landed a new sale I’d write their name in CAPS on my street sheet: “MRS. JOHNSON” and then at every door on that block I’d talk about how Mrs. Johnson took advantage of the program. People feel more comfortable doing something their neighbors have already done.

4. More facial hair = LESS sales. Bad guys in movies tend to have beards and mustaches, while the good guy is almost always clean shaven. We want to establish TRUST & CREDIBILITY at the door. It’s easier to do that with neatly trimmed hair and a clean shaven face.

5. Enjoy the little things and be grateful. On a beautiful fall day, I was pitching a neighborhood in the suburbs just outside of Philidelphia. I walked up to a porch and a guy (my age) was sitting there in a wheelchair. I stopped for a minute and we had a nice conversation. The fellow in the wheelchair looked at me and said, “I would give anything to be able to get up and walk, even if it was working a tough job. Don’t take your health for granted.”

6. Work until pitch black dark. If you jet at 7:45 p.m., you will almost always miss a sale. Sometimes it’s that very last door of the night that’s the easiest sale of the day. If you already have a full folder of deals at 7:45, let your momentum take you to one more deal and better yet 2-3 more!

7. Have FUN and keep it light! If I came to a door and the customer had a little dog that was jumping up and down I’d say “Wow! Your dog is spring loaded!” During the Christmas season, I’d wear one of those goofy Santa hats to the door. One lady asked me if I was there to sing Christmas carols, so I belted out “Jingle Bells.” IF you take things too seriously you’re going to have ulcers and a heart attack at the age of 40. Have fun, keep it loose and customers will WANT to do business with you.

8. Be prepared for the weather. I was working in Salt Lake City in the winter of 2013 when it was 6 to 20 degrees for 3 weeks in a ROW. I bought one of those full body coveralls (farmers wear them) and the cold was no longer an issue. I probably looked dorky, but I was writing 4-5 pre-season deals per week and making great money so it didn’t really matter how I looked.

9. You can make MONEY or you can make EXCUSES but you can’t make BOTH at the same time! I could have stayed home during those cold winter days, but I found a solution and earned the income I needed to pay my bills.

10. Last but NOT least…

…Take PRIDE in what you do.

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