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Dewey Pest Control was founded in 1929. It has flourished into an organization of hundreds of Technicians, Crew Workers, Inspectors, Fumigators, and Office Personnel. Dewey Pest Control operates 32 branch offices throughout the State of California and its corporate headquarters in Pasadena. Dewey’s staff of experts is a group whose education and expertise blanket every phase of pest management. The staff is carefully selected and properly trained to solve the general and specific problems unique to our clients. Dewey technicians are regularly schooled in newly developed and effective application techniques for each particular problem. Dewey Pest Control has a dedicated workforce, quality service, and a commitment to provide satisfaction to our clients. We realize the legal, environmental and public relations aspects of every pest control assignment. Our goal is to preserve a safe and healthy living environment through the proper application of approved materials and techniques.


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Founded 1929


939 E Union St
Pasadena, California 91106


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