It’s not the bum turf, it’s the bum in the turf

Plan and work your territory right and stop blaming your lack of success on your turf!

Starting out in a new sales company, your territory may at first seem endlessly vast. But if you (like most people) just start working random streets, you will soon feel like you “have been everywhere”.

1. To avoid burning out your territory to fast you should make a written plan from day one.

2. Divide the map with the territory appointed to you into 10 sectors.

3. Work each sector throughout until you feel like you have visited everybody who lives there. When you have used all 10 sectors, start over again at sector 1. This will help you conserve your area and help you generate the most out of it. Most people on sector 1 will now have forgotten about you, and the territory will feel almost “brand new”.

Tip: Less people are home during daytime. Work the same route in the evening as you did before dinner to pick up those who weren’t at home.

Tip: The longer you can stay in one area, the bigger the hoop becomes.


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