‘No Soliciting’ May Be A Salesman’s Best News

This is in response to the letter signed “Sick of Solicitors,” who was upset because her sign saying “No Soliciting” didn`t help.

Letter: “Sick of Solicitors”

“I am a SAHM with small children at home and I am constantly having strange men I don’t know knock on my door to sell me something or promote some service that they are doing for a neighbor. It’s to the point that someone I don’t know comes to my door at least once a day. Just now in the last hour I have had 3 different people come to my door. Usually I can tell who it is by the vehicle or uniform they are wearing. But other times I do not know these people and don’t feel safe opening my door to a stranger when I am alone with my children and all my neighbors are away at work. When it’s the fed ex or ups guy it’s fine since they just knock drop the package and leave but these other people hang around on my door step knocking several times and waiting for a response. We used to have a dog that would bark his head off when someone knocked on the door and that made me feel safer but it still didn’t cut down on the amount of strangers that would come by. He recently passed away and we are not ready to replace him with a new dog. I don’t feel I am obligated to answer my door to strangers and feel pretty uncomfortable when they look in windows or enter my back yard to see if anyone is home. I live on the corner of a through street to a main intersection with a fair amount of vehicles passing by so I assume the high volume of cars going by is why. What can I do to stop people from coming to my door. It just makes me feel uneasy and even fearful at times and puts a damper on my otherwise happy day.” ~anonymous


  • Comment from an anonymous reader #1- “Dear Anonymous, we have had the same problem and discover that some people don`t know what the words “solicitor” and “soliciting” mean.”
  • Anonymous author of the letter responded, ” I finally took down my “No Solicitors” sign and put up one that said “No Door-to-Door Salespeople.” and said that It seemed to work.
  • Anonymous #2 commented – “When I worked for an insulation company as a canvasser, we were instructed to ignore all “No Solicitors” signs and ring the bell anyway. We were told that only people who had a hard time saying “no” to a salesperson needed to put up a sign like that, and after working in the field for three years, I found it to be true.”
  • Anonymous #3 commented- “Our crew chief told us on our first day that “No Salesmen” signs were often used by people with low sales resistance, and we should pay no attention to them. Anonymous, he was right. Behind such signs was either a quick cursing or a fast sale. Neither cost us much time, and it sure added to our sales. Thanks for the memories.
  • Anonymous #4 (retired salesman) commented- “The letter from “Sick of Solicitors” made me smile. All good salespeople know that “No Solicitors” signs are put up by people who realize their sales resistance is practically nil. When they open the door, after they bark, “Didn`t you see the sign?” comes the next question, “Okay, so what are you selling?”
  • Anonymous #5 (retired salesman) commented- “Dear Anonymous: I`m a 67-year-old widower who doesn`t want to be bothered by folks coming around to sell me something, so I put a big sign on my front door that turns away all comers. It says: WARNING–CAUTION, ARMED DAY SLEEPER! They don`t even knock–they turn and walk away.”
  • Anonymous #6 (Encyclopedia Salesman) commented- “Dear person complaining about a “No Soliciting” sign being repeatedly ignored reminded me of the time I trained to sell encyclopedias door-to-door. My supervisor told me, “Behind doors marked “No Soliciting” live people who have a hard time saying no”–hence prime prospects.” He said he always knocked. “I didn`t; I quit.”

What should we fellow D2D salesman do about these ‘No Soliciting’ signs? 

  • Please comment down below and express your opinions.

Personally, I love knocking doors with ‘No Soliciting’ signs. I also find them very easy to sell, once I can hurdle the first 30 seconds of the sale. Most people answer the door, “Did you not see the sign?” I say such things as, “Thats totally fine, that is why I’m here, I’ll be really quick, I wanted to make sure we didn’t leave you out of the loop, do you know the Jones family or have any of your neighbors told you what we are doing?” and then I precede into my door approach. Yes, I get the door slammed and yes I get some angry people, but I make a large amount of sales by knocking neighborhoods and every house with the sign that reads “NO SOLICITING”.

The worst thing someone can say is “NO”, with that being said, i’ll just knock them all with the optimistic approach that the “No soliciting” sign was placed up from the previous home owner or that they have it up because, they say yes to everyone that tries to sell them. Don’t allow me to forget to include the neighborhoods that have have ‘No Soliciting’ signs up toward the front of the neighborhood are the best neighborhoods to knock. They’re virgin areas, lay down after lay down.

TRICK: Just pretend that the “NO SOLICITING” sign reads: “NO SMOKING”.


Share you opinions down below, I’d love to hear how others approach this.



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May 14, 2015

I knock them all also. They’re $$