Numbers Game

In many ways door-to-door sales is a numbers game. It doesn’t matter how good you are at selling, if you don’t visit enough people you won’t make enough sales. If you visit 0 people, you will make 0 sales. Here is as simple trick to motivate you into knocking on more doors.

If you don’t have a tablet or smartphone use a piece of paper and make separate columns and name them “door approaches, presentations, day sales, week payments, weekly sales.” Each time you speak to a prospect make a note in the “door approach” column. If you make a sale, make a note in the “Sales” column too. Some say statistics never lie, but in order to make them reliable you must visit at least 1000 prospects. The greater the number the more reliable it gets.

If you have a smart phone download the app Tally Counters. Tally Counters is a personal counter to let you easily track unlimited things in your life

USE IT FOR EVERYTHING, but most importantly use it to keep track of your sales statistics.

tally counters


How can I use this?

Everything is about motivating you to visit more prospects. The more prospects you talk to, the more money you earn. If you make 80 sales from speaking to 1000 prospects, you know that you make a sale for approximately every 12,5 door you knock on.

Lets say you want 20 sales every week. In order to meet your goal you have to visit 250 prospects (12,5 * 20) throughout the week. Knowing this makes all the naysayers you run across much easier.

Having accurate statistics also makes you able to calculate how much you earn from knocking on a single door. If you for example sell alarm systems and earn 100 dollars from each signature, you know that each “hard knock” in-fact makes you 8 dollars!


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