What it takes to be a winner

1. Set clear goals – Ask yourself, what do I want to accomplish? Develop a clear understanding, write down your goals and develop an intense burning desire to achieve them.


2. Make a plan – What are the top 10% doing? What do I need to learn? A-Z prioritize, consstant daily improvement. Wake up early, study to become better.

13. Take Charge – Take full responsibility, self-employed, shun negativity. What can I control? Take 100% percent responsibility for everything that happens. Be your own boss. Do not pay attention to what you cannot control.14. Take Action – Physical action is key, no shortcuts, commit to excellence, be determined to pay any price.

15. Commit to never quit – Burn your ship, the plague, hard is good, winners never quit. If you quit once it is a habit and it’s easy to quit once you quit. Anything that is easy is going to not teach you anything, you will be the same. Hard is good.


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